About us

Started by Rajni Singh, we are a family run business based at Willow Tree Farm in Cambridgeshire. As a typical mum running a busy household Rajni has been cooking Panjabi food for the past 30 years for her family but also for friends and neighbours who wanted authentic North Indian cuisine for parties and functions, so in 2017 Rajni and her daughter Surjit decided to use their culinary talents and create The Little Panjab Food Company.

Rajni hails from an old Panjabi Sikh family with a rich heritage and roots going back to re-partition Panjab. As a first generation British born Panjabi, Rajni was taught to cook by her parents using recipes handed down over decades, using authentic spices ground at home and fresh ingredients, she has now passed this onto her daughter Surjit and so the tradition goes on.

We describe ourselves as British by birth, Panjabi by heritage and passionate about our food. We make and serve authentic Panjabi cuisine as only we Panjabis know how to. Once tasted it’s never forgotten and we invite you to try it.

What we do

We hand make authentic Panjabi cuisine prepared using home ground spices, organic fresh vegetables grown at Willow Tree Farm and locally sourced meat from responsible and ethical suppliers. We cook to order catering for private parties, office functions, civil ceremonies, weddings and outdoor events where we prepare and sell our food to eat immediately or take away from our stall.

For private parties and functions we cater from 10 people to 100+ depending on your needs and choice of food. We deliberately keep our menu limited as we cook fresh from the masala to the thali (sauce to dinner plate) ensuring, quality, texture, visual appeal but most of all a taste that will leave you wanting more. We can of course cook a wide range of dishes, both vegetarian and meat but please note we do NOT cook beef or veal. For a bespoke menu simply call or email us to discuss your plans. We’ll even cook a sample meal for you to try so we can adjust the spice and heat (chilli) to suit your taste.

Our passion and beliefs

•Authentic Panjabi cuisine cooked as only Panjabi’s know how

•We use home grown organic vegetables and locally sourced produce from ethical suppliers

•Our spices are ground freshly, no packet stuff is good enough for us

•We cook to suit all tastes and all palates, mild, medium or hot

•Our portions are generous, we believe in value for money

•We never compromise on quality as your experience is paramount

•We care about the environment and where possible we use compostable and re-cyclable containers and packaging

•Meat and Vegetarian food cooked and handled separately (using separate utensils and cooking areas)

•Allergy advice requested upon every booking

•Allergy friendly dishes also prepared upon request (cooked separate also)  

We cater for:

•Private parties

•Village fetes and community events

•Country festivals and open weekends

•Farmers and food markets

•Weddings and civil ceremonies

•Office functions

We’re always happy to discuss new ideas, so please contact us with your requirements


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Mobiles: 07847 472530 / 07880 506665

Email: littlepanjabfoodco@gmail.com

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